Statement of Inactivity

April 4, 2023
Katica Reljanović

An entrepreneur who during the business year:

- had no business events, and

- no assets and liabilities in its business books,

is obliged to submit a Statement of Inactivity for the previous business year to FINA by April 30.


Unlike the Accounting Act, which prescribes exactly who and under what conditions is obliged to submit the Statement, the Tax Authorities have instructed that taxpayers registered in the commercial register who, after registration:

- did not perform entrepreneurial activity, and

- do not have recorded transactions on its bank account,

- nor any business transactions booked (except share capital payment),

are not obliged to submit a Profit tax return. Such a taxpayer only submits a statement that they have not performed entrepreneurial activity since the date of registration.


So, it is possible that an entrepreneur will not have to submit a Profit tax return, but if it has assets recorded in its business books, it must prepare financial statements for statistical purposes and for public disclosure!

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