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From craftsmen, micro-entrepreneurs and start-ups to large international groups

A team of experts with experience in managing finance, accounting and tax consulting for different types of companies

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Accounting services include:

  • collecting, verifying and processing accounting documents
  • preparing and managing business books
  • preparing and compiling annual financial statements
  • compiling reports for statistical, tax and other needs
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Tax consulting

Certified tax consultant Katica Reljanović (Licence no.: 05-20/18 dated 5 January 2018) is a member of our team. She provides legal entities with tax consulting services in the field of profit tax, income tax and VAT.

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Cloud accounting

Cloud accounting services include:

  • ability to review business 0-24
  • possibility of digital data import
  • one click and the data is in the accounting
  • the ability to view business books and open items at any time
  • access via mobile application
  • offers, invoices and e-invoices in one place
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Accounting consultancy

The accounting consulting service includes:

  • continuous monitoring of laws and regulations in the field of accounting
  • training of employees of the accounting department of your company
  • control of orderliness and accuracy of accounting documents
  • ‍booking control and assistance in compiling financial and tax reports
  • ‍shaping the accounting policies of your company
  • communication with the auditor if the company is liable for audit
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Preparation of financial and tax reports

The service of preparing financial and tax reports includes:

  • control of bookings made during the business year
  • calculation of all membership fees and contributions
  • compiling the income tax return and all other reports submitted to the Tax Administration
  • compilation of financial statements for statistical and public disclosure purposes
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Payroll services

The payroll service includes:

  • salary calculation in accordance with the submitted working time records
  • salary calculation in kind
  • bonus calculations
  • calculation of travel orders to the country and abroad
  • annual calculation of tax on income from salary
  • calculation of tax-free receipts
  • preparation and submission of the JOPPD form to the Tax Administration

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Registration of companies from the EU and third countries for VAT purposes

Registration for VAT purposes includes:

  • identification of the need for company registration for VAT purposes in the Republic of Croatia
  • submitting an application for the award of OIB
  • submitting a request for registration for VAT purposes
  • keeping tax records prescribed by law
  • monthly submission of the VAT form
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Registration of foreign companies as employers in the Republic of Croatia

Registration of a foreign company as an employer in the Republic of Croatia includes:

  • submitting an application for the award of OIB
  • employer registration at HZMO, HZZO and Tax Administration
  • employee registration at HZMO, HZZO and the Tax Administration
  • submission of the JOPPD form to the Tax Administration
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Financial consulting and planning

Not every business idea becomes a business project. Successful implementation depends on a well-crafted business plan that contains a comprehensive financial analysis, skillful business negotiation, and then the expected financial results of the planned investment and the creation of added value. In addition to preparation, we also offer clients an evaluation of a business project.

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We organize education in the field of accounting and taxes:

  • seminars
  • workshops
  • in-house education of the accounting department adapted to the activities and needs of the company
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